Maps update for NavionTruck Android apps


To update the maps you must have the latest version of the NavionTruck application and have a license.

If you do not have the latest version, click to download or update to the latest version accessing from HERE if you do not have a valid license, contact support from HERE


If you have a device with a NavionTruck navigation system installed, you just have to follow the following steps to update the maps.


For this, it is essential to have purchased an original license within our MAP LICENSE STORE or to have purchased an original NavionTruck product, in this case, you will be able to see the license in the product box, on one of the sides.


1st Start the GPS NavionTruck application


2nd Press on MENU


3º Access the MAP MANAGER


4th Enter DOWNLOAD MAPS and connect the device to a stable internet network


5º Select the continent of your choice, if there is an update available to download, the maps will be displayed in green and will automatically be selected in the blue box, if there is a map that you do not want to update, click on the box to deselect it, then press the DOWNLOAD button and wait until the system confirms that it has updated all the maps.

IMPORTANT NOTE. For new map updates, whenever the device is connected to the internet and there is an update not installed, the system will notify you of a version to download. This notice occurs every 4-5 months.

Map update in Windows CE or offline (without Internet)


To update the maps on Windows CE devices or our brand's Navigators: Navion X7 Truck LITE, Navion X7 Truck PRO, Navion X9 Truck PRO, Navion Bus, Navion Adventure, Navion Roadbike

You must have a Windows PC and a stable internet connection. You must have a license that you will find on the side of the product box. If you don't have a license you can buy it HERE, you can also buy the navigation program for Windows CE HERE

IMPORTANT NOTE. FREE updates available for devices purchased after October 30, 2016, for previous devices, you must buy a license from HERE then you will enjoy free updates forever.

Then download the program to update the maps from HERE

Follow the installation and update steps in this MANUAL