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  • Free Updates

    We offer the most recent maps with lifetime free updates made by Here (Navteq), the world leader in GPS navigation cartography development. Available in 196 countries and voice guide in 34 lenguages, with detailled traffic information in 41 countries worldwide.
  • Speed cam

    NavionTruck has an extensive up-to-date database of mobile speed radars in all countries available. We offer the possibility to customize the warnings by sound and percentage of distance to the exact location of the radar.
  • Route adjustment

    We have an advanced navigation system available for all types of vehicules and compatible with the generic platforms (iOS, Android, Windows), it"s specially designed for every vehicule to offer you the cheapest en shortest route to save time and money.
  • Intelligent search

    Our software includes an intelligent search system to find your destination, when typing the first words of the street or city, the results will already appear to improve the efficiency and to reduce the search time.
  • Alternative routes

    There"s nothing better than offering the best available routes to reach your destination, this way we can offer you the possibility to choose between different journeys to your destination so you can choose the most appropriate route for your type of vehicule.
  • Point of interest

    Companies, Warehouses, Loading areas, Hotels, Rest areas, Camping, Beaches, petrol stations, Cultural areas; just a short selection of the thousands of points of interest that you can find in our GPS navigation applications.

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