NavionTruck Truck Navigation is perhaps the most advanced navigation software of the moment, it includes the latest innovations of GPS navigation. It has numerous novelties of advanced navigation in comparison with other models, such as alternative routes, road signs, roadside assistance, route optimization, map in 3D view, detailed exit information, search by coordinates and more.

NavionTruck Truck Navigation includes the most accurate and secure measurement configuration with which you are able to change the parameters to different measurement units of width, length, height, total weight, weight per axle, transport speed limits, number of trailers, type of load ADR: such as any type of dangerous material, harmful to water, fuels and explosives. NavionTruck Truck Navigation allows you to choose between different traffic routes such as motorways (highways), toll highways and two route types; fast and short. It also allows you to visualize the two route types while creating the route so that you can choose the route that meets your needs the best.

NavionTruck Truck Navigation might be the most intuitive navigation software on the market. It has a simple and straightforward menu with really descriptive icons, short and explicit texts. The intelligent keyboard allows you to create a new route in just seconds as you are able to adapt the route while you are creating it, such as: add the route as departure route to a previously created one or as crossing point, destination or surroundings. You are also able to carry out a search close to your points of interest and to avoid parts of the road temporarily and permanently so that in the future, if you make the journey again it will use the route you established before.

NavionTruck Truck Navigation offers the possibility o set a route as final destination, even if the optimization level is low. Furthermore, once the route has been optimized, it allows you to advance or delay routes in case you might have any handicap such as a fixed time, closing time, etc.

NavionTruk Truck Navigation also has a radar detector, that will warn you in real time, both with sounds and visually when there are fixed radar detectors, radars in tunnels or at traffic light and possible mobile radars at the roadside. It is also possible to activate the radars that are the most important for you at a certain time. We have the most extensive radar database of the World on the market.


We have the most up-to-date and accurate maps on the market and you will have a lifetime free and constant updates. Our map provider is OSM and it's probably the biggest and best mapping company of the world. It has maps of almost al countries and the map versions are being updated more than 4 times a year.


NavionTruck Truck Navigation also includes a Chat service so that you can interact with your friends who have the NavionTruck application. This way you will be able to share locations and information with your friends. Note. Free services only compatible with devices that have internet connection.


Online traffic service. You will have real-time information about traffic events. The program will trace routes adapting them to possible roadblocks or it will warn you for them. Note. Traffic Live is a paid service that you will have to add manually to the NavionTruck Truck Navigation application.


We have thousands of special POI's for any type of vehicle: Companies, Warehouses, Loading and Unloading Areas, Parking lots for trucks...


You will be able to create routes before you can track them and display the navigation demo before you start the navigation directly via NavionTruck Truck Navigation (included free service). Furthermore, we offer you Web Routing, with which you will be able to create routes on your computer and send them to the device, a service specially designed for truck companies that need to optimize and continually control the routes; fuel, timetables, deliveries... Web Routing will soon be available. Note. Web Routing is a paid service apart from the application NavionTruck Truck Navigation.


- Heavy vehicle profile (Truck).
- Total width.
- Total length.
- Maximum height.
- Total weight.
- Load per axle.
- Speed limit.
- Number of trailers.
- Any type of dangerous material.
- Goods that are harmful to water.
- Gases/Explosives.
- Helicopter profile.
- Pedestrian profile.
- Automobile profile.
- Search by coordinates.
- Search on the map.
- Search online. (Only with internet connection)
- Search by postal code.
- Search by points of interest.
- Customized search with points of interest, such as: industrial areas, companies, warehouses, markets.
- 3D view.
- Voice guidance (29 languages).
- Volume control.
- Automatic volume.
- Silence mode.
- Pre-installed radars (according to your map package).
- Speed restrictions alerts.
- Route planning.
- Quick calculation new route.
- Deactivate and activate Highways (motorways)
- Deactivate and activate toll motorways
- Route type, (short, fast and both)
- Route information.
- Route modification.
- Display of the route and planning.
- Route information.
- Record your journey.
- Route history.
- Adjustment of road block.
- Favorites.
- Weather information.
- Financial information.
- Information about the current traffic conditions.
- Status of internet connection and data usage.
- Complete database of points of interest (industrial estates, businesses, shops, markets...)
- Notification of points of interest.
- Clear and intelligent instructions.
- Spoken or visual instructions that are accurate and clear.
- Colour adjustments of the route, operation, menu, text.
- Change the map style.
- Day and night and automatic mode.
- Backlight adjustment.
- Screen rotation.
- Screen size (enlarge the menu texts).
- Change the menu screen.
- Level of GPS signal.
- Change the language (23 languages).
- Change the measurement units.
- Use automatic clock.
- Automatic winter time.
- Export navigation routes.
- Import navigation routes.
- Export POI's to device.


- Alternative routes while setting a route
- Road signs and signals.
- Notification of the height limit of the road.
- Maximum speed of the road.
- Notification of weight limit of the road.
- Road assistance.
- Route percentage.
- Direction to be followed.
- Distance to the next exit.
- Current time.
- Current speed of the vehicle in real-time.
- Road indicator.
- Detailed exit indicator.
- Sign posts.
- Road number.
- Remaining distance to destination.
- Information area.
- Tunnel notification.
- Radars.
- Buildings.
- Points of interest.


Hotels, Motels, Camping, Airports, Companies, Warehouses, Fruit Warehouses, Load centres, Industrial Areas, Countryside, Libraries, Museums, Leisure facilities, Performing Arts, Casino's, Amusement Parks, Cinema's, Recreational Parks and Areas, Tourist Attractions, Wineries, Resort Areas, Zonas de Vacaciones, Tourist Information Offices, Pubs and Clubs, Restaurants, Public Transport, Train Stations, Toll, Border Crossing Point, Bus Stations, Ferry Terminals, Underground Stations, Relay Stations, Parkings, Café's/Bars, Truck Repair Shops, Yacht Club, Shopping Centres, Big Warehouses, Wholesalers, Shops, Sport Centres, Golf Courts, Amusement Centres, Skiing Areas, Stadiums, Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts, Educational Centres, City Halls, Embassies and Consulates, Court Houses, Churches, Schools, Universities, Companies, Business Centres, Convention and Exposition Centres, Banks, Cash Dispensers, Gas Stations, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Health Services.


Portuguese, Czech, English, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Rumanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovene, Turkish, Arabic, Indian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Serbian.


Spanish, Bengali, Czech, Arabic, German, French, Gujarati, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Kannada, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Malayalam, Marathi, Dutch, Oriya, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Slovene, Tamil, Telugu, Turkish, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Serbian.